Cope with cellulite – means to defeat the factors that cause it. First of all, stagnation of blood and lymph flow. Because of it in fat cells and in inter-cellular tissue toxins and water accumulate, the cells become large, inert … “Shake” them will help an active anti-cellulite massage.


Size : 24 x 17 cm

Product Code: 13158

Material: loofah, cotton








How to do anti-cellulite massage?

• Apply to the hips, buttocks, legs anti-cellulite
• Put on your arm anti-cellulite glove
• Intense circular and upward movements massage problem areas for 5-10 minutes
• After the massage, to make the skin look smoother, you can apply a tanning cream on your skin (for example, a novelty with the elasticity effect from page 7).

In addition, it is useful to practice dry grinding:
• Put on your arm anti-cellulite glove
• Start to massage your feet easily, starting with the ankles upwards towards the buttocks
• From time to time, do light swinging movements
• Do not press strongly to avoid damaging the blood and lymph vessels

Anti-Cellulite Glove
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