Shampoo with extracts of echinacea and grape seed effectively protects the scalp and hair from the adverse effects of the environment and free radicals.


Size : 200 ml

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Active components: The grape seed contains more than 100 active ingredients: micro- and macro elements, protein, vitamins … The powerful antioxidant and regenerating properties of grape bone oil have long been used in cosmetology to create nutritional and moisturizing agents. It is well absorbed and quickly begins to act, improving the structure of the skin, noticeably smoothing it, preventing excessive sebum secretion and narrowing the pores. With the help of products containing grape seed extract, you can improve the appearance of hair, get rid of brittleness and split ends, give hair strength, silky and shine.


Echinacea has the ability to increase the adaptive capacity of the body. Extract of Echinacea contains a complex of biologically active substances that have bactericidal, antiviral, anti-fungal and immunomodulatory effects. The therapeutic effect of echinacea is due to the enhancement of the natural protective resources of the body as a whole and skin cells in particular. In cosmetology Echinacea is used as a part of protective, moisturizing and restoring means.

Oriflame Nature Grapes & Echinacea Antioxidant

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