Pirate T-shirt, Pirate Bandana and Pirate Money Bank Chest

pirate-t-shirtPirate T-shirt

Fantasia – the main helper little thief! The T-shirt with a print depicting a pirate costume, his shoulder any adventure. Age 2-3.

Size : 85 – 90 cm

Product Code: 28310

Material: Polyester and cotton




Pirate Bandana

A fun game, a walk or a children’s party? In the red armband with a portrait of the Jolly Roger, you can go anywhere. Ag 3+.

Size : 42 cm 

Product Code: 28080

Material: 100% cotton


Pirate Money Bank Chest

Each pirate – a treasure chest! Tin piggy bank with a bright pattern is equipped with a lock, which can be easily opened and closed, and does not present a hazard to little fingers.

Size : 12 x 8.2 x 7.3 cm

Product Code: 28079

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