boss-leaderIf you have question as Oriflame is classic pyramid scheme? Exploit your friends to earn on them? answer is  NO! Let us explain to you  how we work.Imagine that you are member in Oriflame and you invite your friend to join you. The circumstances are like that she wish to come fast to earnings. She use all education what  company  offer , she recommend products, she make network. After a few months her salary can be 4 times larger than yours (for example). You will feel like you exploited her? Will you feel you used your friend? Or do you feel that you have contributed to her prosperity? If you join and don’t order products or work and you join your friend who will do all, that  friend will earn and you will not! Is that  possible in pyramid scheme? I think we both know that  answer is ORIFLAME IS NOT PYRAMID SCHEME.

Oriflame is Pyramid?

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