I'm not for that job …

mlm-workI need the extra income, but I can not convince people << is this maybe something what  you would say  to us ?
Fear of rejection, is usually result in rather don’t do anything, don’t offer to anyone,not even suggest all because fear of hearing NO. This is understandable. Realize next if someone says no, didn’t rejected you, rejected  chance, opportunity or product that you offered him. And yes, people have a right to decide what is a good opportunity for them and what is not. They also have the right to make mistakes and you can’t do nothing about it and you should not. Many time most of us buy good shoes , or good perfume or good shower gel and we say our experience about it to friend or cousin . Of course you don’t get nothing from owner for recommend that product . Do same with Oriflame and get feedback as gift, extra cash or travel because you recommend something from catalog what you like.Example: if person need mascara or any other product after you just  offer should they buy it? From our experience, it is not always enough just to offer, but if somebody  try product and feel result alone “on his/her skin” and see quality for low price be sure they  will call you  to buy again.Point is just to try  good product and job is done, and Oriflame have quality guaranteed.

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