Do you want to save and earn money?

30028-1By joining the Oriflame you will save your money by get special discaunt price as memmber, and if you recommend products you will earn diferents between ur dicount price and catalog regular price or you will make your team ,work as one and earn money , gifts, bonuses , free seminars, free travel and all what Oriflame give to all who deserve.You choose option which you like or you can choose them all at ones. It’s all up to you.

How many times have you been recommend something with what you are satisfied? If you have time to recommend a variety of products, services and etc, then you will easy work with us . In this way you are making commercial various stores and companies and you dont get nothing from that. It was so simple that you might not even notice. If you do same with Oriflame, we will award your effort.

What do you need to do to join Oriflame ?

It is necessary to fill out the form, and send to company in country where you are from, or simple contact us and we will tell you in 24 hours what, how, where.
You don’t pay immediately, along with the products that you ordered. From the moment of ordering, you have 14 days deadline to pay for products and engaging in a very simple manner, directly through the company Oriflame, you will have already printed with receipts.
Each person who wish to join have to pay 1 year memmbership what is from 1 till 10 e depend of country where you live.( if you don’t order nothing 12 months your membership will be deleted)

1 year memmbership

You dont have any obligation as member. Only obligation is to pay on time what you order.You can buy when you wish  what and how much  you wish. Nobody  will tell you that you MUST do something. You will have 1 year  of discount prices on each  Oriflame product from catalog.

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