• In 2015, 98% of our catalogue paper came from credibly certified forests.
  • In 2015, the Noginsk production site in Russia received Silver certification using the LEED® for New Construction rating system. In addition Oriflame’s new Wellness facility in Roorkee, India received Gold certification under the LEED® for New Construction rating system.
  • We stopped more than 90% of our manufacturing waste from going to landfill in 2015.
  • Since 2010, we have cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 31%. In 2015 they decreased by 6% comparing to 2014.
  • Oriflame reached a score of 99B in the CDP 2015 climate change evaluation – an international recognition for our actions to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate the business risks of climate change.
  • In 2013, WWF gave us 11 out 12 on their Palm oil Scorecard, placing us among the best in our industry.
  • We undertook a comprehensive water impact study in 2013 and are working to reduce impact focusing mainly on emissions to water from our products.


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