• We launched Ecobeauty in 2011 – the world’s first cross category cosmetics range approved by four leading independent organisations – Fairtrade, Ecocert, The Vegan Society and the Forest Stewardship Council.
  • Ecobeauty has won numerous awards for its sustainability approach, including the prestigious 2014 Eco Beauty Awards organised by Cosmetic Executive Women.
  • We measure and report on our palm oil use and were one of the first companies to commit to purchasing 100% of our volume usage sustainably though GreenPalm credits.
  • In 2012, we also launched the world’s first foaming product containing RSPO-certified segregated sustainable palm oil [1].
  • In 2015, 10% of palm oil used was mass balance certified palm oil, and the remaining share was covered by GreenPalm credits.
  • In 2015, we successfully carried out a trial run of biopolymer-based packaging in our Love nature range – a plant-based alternative to petroleum.
  • Our environmental scientists review every single ingredient’s sustainability profile, assessing how natural, ethical and environmentally responsible it is.
  • We have reduced the use of petroleum as an ingredient in our product formulations by 80% since 2009, replacing it with plant-derived alternatives.
  • We apply a thorough safety evaluation process and have certificates of safety for 100% of our 1,000+ cosmetic products.
  • We are removing plastic microbeads from our formulations; all new product developments use exfoliants from natural origin. Indeed, all new products launched in 2015 contained natural origin exfoliants.

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