Helping People Fulfil Their Dreams

30028-1We believe that giving people the opportunity to earn an extra income or run their own business is the best way to help them improve their lives.

Anyone can become an Oriflame Consultant, as long as they live in one of our 60+ markets around the world. We offer an attractive business opportunity and make it easy and risk-free to join.

Our Consultants benefit from access to flexible income. It is always up to the individual how much she or he wants to work: our Consultants can achieve everything from earning a little extra money, to having a part-time income, to maintaining a full time career. As well as the immediate profit of around 20% that Consultants make when they sell a product, in 2015 we distributed more than €320 million in bonuses and other forms of recognition.

Because a majority of our Consultants are women who live in developing countries, this kind of income has the potential to make a big difference to their lives – such as increasing their purchasing power and giving them more independence. Beyond income, Oriflame Consultants also benefit from access to coaching and training, which increases their earning potential across the board. Through the Oriflame Academy, we offer progressive levels of training – from basic business skills right through to advanced leadership training.

Moreover, every Oriflame Consultant belongs to a friendly, dynamic and global community that is committed to improving their wellbeing. Because of this, we believe that joining Oriflame gives many of our Consultants something beyond simply access to income and new skills.

Consultant satisfaction

It is very important that we understand how all our Consultants are getting on – wherever they are in the world and however much they are earning. Measuring their satisfaction provides insights to how the brand is meeting their expectations and is essential for our long-term success.

In 2014, we introduced a new method of measuring Consultant satisfaction on an ongoing basis, the Net Promoter System (NPS), that allows us to see how likely our Consultants are to recommend Oriflame to a close friend or relative.

We also get feedback about what the Consultants expect from us and indications on where we can improve. By analysing the results, we have been able to identify the main areas in each market, in which we should focus our improvement efforts. These include the Consultants’ perceived product availability, deliveries and our customer services. Improvement actions have been initiated in all relevant areas.

In 2015 the NPS program was introduced in 12 new markets, and as a result 20 of our largest markets now participate. Feedback from over 25,000 consultants globally has been received and we are very proud that the majority of our consultants highly recommend Oriflame, and are very satisfied with the quality of Oriflame products.

Using the power of our network

Oriflame operates in regions that differ hugely in economic development and cultural characteristics, and our reach is both vast and complex. Not only can we use this reach to improve lives, we can also use the power of our networks to facilitate social and environmental progress. This is an opportunity for us because many of our Consultants and customers are in markets with low interest and understanding of sustainability issues. That is why one of our most ambitious commitments in this area is to reduce consumer impact by providing educational information to one million people by 2016.

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