Helping Our People Be Their Best

30028-1Our people are the reason for our success.

We have always understood how important our employees’ health, happiness and wellbeing is to the success of our company. We fulfil this commitment to our employees by investing in personal and professional development, improving the diversity of our workforce and valuing our corporate culture. We also focus on ensuring that Oriflame provides a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

Attracting and retaining talent

Attracting, empowering and retaining high performing individuals with the right skill-sets and experience is crucial for Oriflame’s success. In Oriflame we want to do this by offering a unique working environment and promoting the best conditions for our workforce.

We work hard with identifying our talent needs within the organisation and we invest in acquiring the best talent worldwide. We have a range of attractive international internships, which provide young individuals an opportunity to start their careers with us. During 2015, we had more than 30 people participating in internship programs in our Global Support Offices (GSOs) as well as in the sales organisation.

In addition, a limited number of opportunities are offered to young professionals through our Global Business Leader program, Oriflame´s trainee program for future leaders. The program has an ultimate goal to find future Managing Directors for countries where we operate. The trainees get a unique chance to reach a senior management position and experience Oriflame in fast growing and developing markets. In 2015, 7 young professionals enrolled in the program.

Investing in development

Our Oriflame Capabilities framework helps us identify what our company needs to perform at its best, which we then use to recruit, design training and help managers assess competence and potential. Our Integrated Performance Management (IPM) process helps us deliver this.

The IPM process plays a vital role in ensuring that we live up to our stated vision and maintain a performance driven culture in Oriflame. It also serves to facilitate the employee’s understanding of what is expected of him/her during the coming year and provides a platform to discuss future development. The process also gives the employee an opportunity to give feedback on the department, the company and the manager and works as the foundation for succession planning within the company.

We offer development and training through the Oriflame Academy. The focus for middle management is on leadership training and to provide channels for sharing expertise and best practices within the organisation. We also continued to develop and launch new e-learning courses during the past year. The courses offered now cover areas such as the Code of Conduct, the IPM process and Sustainability, among others. In total, our employees completed 1 000 trainings during the year. Employees participate in additional local training events and courses, both in-house and externally.

Employee engagement

In 2014, more than 3000 employees from 14 countries on four continents, representing Oriflame’s biggest markets, growth markets and GSOs, participated in Oriflame’s Engagement survey. The survey addressed several different areas including Oriflame’s strategic direction, feedback about immediate managers and the performance management process.

In 2015 we conducted the Engagement survey focusing on the Finance, Legal and IT population in Oriflame. The survey had an excellent response rate of 96% – well above the benchmark for high performing companies.

Oriflame’s Engagement Survey 2015

  • Response rate: 96%
  • The overall Sustainable engagement score: 86%
  • 87% responded that ‘I would recommend Oriflame as a good place to work.’
  • 92% responded that ‘People in my team treat each other with respect and fairness’.
  • 90% answered that their manager effectively works with people that are different from him or herself – something which is crucial for Oriflame as we operate in different markets with employees from all over the world with diverse backgrounds, ethnic group and beliefs.

Based on the survey results, action plans and goals have been created to address improvement areas. Plans have been built on three organisational levels: team – function – country, in order to develop comprehensive strategies. In addition to local plans, common themes and actions have been incorporated into global action plans.

Improving our diversity

We strongly believe that one of our greatest strengths is our diversity. We have seen over and over again that a balanced mix of gender, nationality and culture leads to the creation of better perspectives, ideas and products. Oriflame has a presence in more than 60 markets around the world. When recruiting, we aspire to reflect the global audience that we serve. Overall, more than 70 nationalities are represented in our global workforce and in our Group Support Office in Stockholm, more than 40 nationalities are represented.

In the workforce as a whole we have a good gender-balance. In 2015, women represented 39% of the global management team, constituting the Company’s top 200 managers, a slight increase compared to 2014. By the end of 2015, the Group Management consisted of 2 women and 7 men (compared to one women out of nine members in 2014). We are taking steps to increase representation of women in management positions, during the year we launched a new Diversity and Equal Opportunities policy and established new goals.

Protecting health and safety

In Oriflame we acknowledge that we have the duty to protect our employees by mitigating health and safety related risks, as well as improving the quality of the workplace and working conditions. We work to put in place the right measures that ensure that our workers are protected, healthy, and satisfied.

In general, our operations pose a low risk when it comes to the health and safety of our factory workers. We gather and monitor incident and accident data from our sites, and analyse results to help us implement any necessary improvements or preventive measures.

During 2015, there were no fatalities at any of our manufacturing sites. In total there were six accidents per million hours worked and the absentee rate was 2.3%. None of these were considered major accidents.

At our major sites we have established health and safety committees representing the total workforce. Meetings usually take place four times a year, depending on the location, and involve representatives from the workers and health and safety authorities.

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Highlights Through bonuses and other forms of recognition we distributed €320 million to Consultants in 2015 – the majority of whom are women in developing markets. Our Oriflame Capabilities framework