Natural Balance Soup Asparagus

natural-balance-soup-asparagusMade from 100% natural ingredients …Healthy, tasty and 100% natural product that contains a mixture of three vegetarian protein sources that will satisfy your cravings for food. A high-protein soup contains low fat and healthy canola oil.Content enough for 21 servings.Available in two flavors.

Size: 420 g

Product Code: 28584




How To Use:

Mix two tablespoons (28 g or 0.5 oz) of powder with 220 ml of hot (boiling) water and stir the mixture is balanced.



Ingredient List:

Pea protein, soy protein, maltodextrin, maize starch, fructose, salt, natural flavour, spinach powder, non-dairy cream powder, asparagus tips (2.9%), potato protein, fibre (inulin), rapeseed oil, onion powder.

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