Swedish Beauty Complex

swedish-beauty-complexSwedish Beauty Complex contains astaxanthin, a powerful antiokdsidant derived from algae Swedish archipelago. Scientifically proven to protect the natural beauty of the skin and increases muscle endurance. 1 month

Size : 30 capsules

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What makes this product unique?

It contains astaxanthin, a natural and powerful antioxidant from marine algae found in Sweden, the Stockholm archipelago with a unique effect of reducing wrinkles as well as gain elasticity and hydration of the skin.
100 times stronger in fighting harmful free radicals than common antioxidants, such as vitamin E.
What does it contain?

Found in the Stockholm archipelago, astaxanthin is a unique and powerful antioxidant that is produced in Sweden unique cultivation method unicellular algae Haematococcus pluvialis. It has been shown 100 times stronger than common antioxidants like vitamin E. Astaxanthin provides unique protection against free radicals and UV damage to the cells of algae, changing color from green to red when washed up on the rocks and exposes them to sunlight.

Wellness by Oriflame astaxanthin contains the largest share of natural astaxanthin. The unique and specific clinical studies demonstrated the efficacy of both beauty and an intact organism. Astaxantin operates beneath the surface of the skin, where in accordance with proven studies diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The unique structure and strong antioxidant activity neutralizes free radicals promotes cell renewal. It also increases the natural production of collagen, removing the effects of radicals and allows the natural regeneration of the skin after UV damage. Unlike other antiksidansa such as beta carotene or vitamin C, Astaxantin possesses a unique characteristic of action on both sides bilipdne cell membranes, inside and out, and so provides comprehensive protection and stability of the cell. The result is a reduction in the amount of wrinkles, increased hydration and elasticity of the skin.

In clinical trials, we also demonstrated improved muscle performance and endurance. Utjicaj astaxanthin reduces free radicals in the muscles and inhibits muscle damage, protecting them from degeneration. Furthermore it reduces muscle damage and increases endurance by reducing the levels of lactic acid in the body. In addition, astaxanthin not only helps in reducing muscle damage, but accelerates muscle recovery after strenuous activity. Thanks to its ability to bind free radicals both inside and outside the cell and inside the cell membrane, which is essential for its high efficiency.

Why should I use this product?

The unique effect on beauty

The antioxidant astaxanthin has been clinically proven anti-wrinkle effect. It protects cells from free radicals and UV radiation. Astaxanthin works deep within the skin, in the dermis, to defend the collagen and elastin fibers from damage.By neutralizing free radicals, astaxanthin stimulates the renewal of collagen and protects cell membranes inside and out.

The result: improved hydration and elasticity of the skin, with renewed hydro-lipid balance of the skin

How to use it?

For healthy skin and increased performance drink one “a washing” every day after the main meal.

Ingredients List:
soybean oil, astaxanthin, lecithin, gelatin, glycerol, aqua


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