Botanical Infusion

botanical-infusionHerbal drink for excitation and energy.Delicious, healthy and 100% natural instant hot drink with a blend of herbal extracts, spices and prebiotskih fibers. It contains antioxidants. For 40 servings.

Size : 120 g

Product Code: 24695






How to use: Just add half a teaspoon of the mixture in 200 ml of hot (boiling) water and stir.

Ginseng: improves cognitive abilities.

Guarana and black tea: known for its stimulating properties.

Nutmeg and cloves: increase the tone.

Inulin: fiber, stimulates digestion. 

Cellulose (inulin) (66.67%), 3.3% of ginseng extract (8% ginsenosides), Guarana extract (3%), nutmeg. Auxiliary ingredients: orange flavor, black tea extract, ground cloves.

Ingredients List:

Fiber (Inulin), Notteg Povder, OranzheFlavour, Blatsk Thea Extract, Ginseng Extract (3.3%) (8% Ginsenosides), Guarana Extract (3%), Povder Word.

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